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Suzuki 4- Stroke Outboard DF115/90

The Suzuki DF90 And DF115 Are Compact For Their Class, But They're Packed With Performance Waiting To Be Unleashed.

What do racing and fishing have to do with one another? The same technology that helps Suzuki win world motorcycle championships can be found in our outboards such as the powerful DF90 and DF115. Like our race bikes they're powerful, responsive and designed to sprint from one spot to another with remarkable speed.


MAXIMUM OUTPUT:DF115: 84.6 kW (115 PS)/5500 rpm, DF90: 66.2 kW (90 PS)/5000 rpm
DISPLACEMENT:1950 cm3 (119.0 cu. in.)
SHAFT LENGTH:L: 508 mm (20 in.), X: 635 mm (25 in.)


Both the DF90 and DF115 have lots of high-performance technology. 16 valves provide optimum breathing for impressive power throughout the rpm range. Dual overhead cams allow the engine to rev freely and eagerly. Digital fuel injection always delivers the precise air/fuel mixture needed regardless of temperature, load or altitude. The 2.59:1 gear ratio is the lowest of any motor in this class and it allows the use of a bigger prop for slingshot acceleration and a faster top end.

With all this power and performance, these two hot rods are remarkably easy to live with. They run silky smooth and whisper quiet. Solid state ignition provides quick starts so the instant the boat gets wet, you're ready to go. An automotive-style timing chain uses a hydraulic tensioner so there's no belt to stretch or break and no need for periodic adjustment. And the powerful 40-amp alternator provides the power you need for fishfinders, chart-plotters and other on-board electronics.

Best of all, the compact profile and forward center of gravity make the DF90 and DF115 ideal for all kinds of applications including freshwater boats, inshore and offshore saltwater fishing boats and even catamarans. In the race to outperform the competition, Suzuki wins again!

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