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Suzuki 4- Stroke Outboard DF140

Lightweight And Compact, The DF140 Offers Blistering Performance Due To The Best Power-To-Weight Ratio Of Any Production 4-Stroke In Its Class.

Weight is the enemy of speed. That's why racecars are designed light and nimble and not built like a truck. The same holds true of outboard motors. Lots of power is fantastic. Lots of power in a lightweight package is even better and even faster.

The Suzuki DF140 with Electronic Fuel Injection is an incredible 4-stroke that offers the best power-to-weight ratio of any 4-stroke in its class.
It produces 103kW (140PS), yet weighs just 186 kgs (with transom height L) fully rigged. That's not only considerably less than competitive 97kW (130PS) 4-strokes, it's less than one of our competitor's 101kW (135PS) 2-stroke outboards! Plus, features like a two-stage cam drive and an offset driveshaft make this an extremely compact unit so it's ideal for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater boats.


MAXIMUM OUTPUT:103.0 kW (140 PS)/6000 rpm
DISPLACEMENT:2044 cm3 (124.7 cu. in.)
SHAFT LENGTH:L: 508 mm (20 in.), X: 635 mm (25 in.)


An exclusive engine cover design with a large air induction port provides maximum airflow for maximum power. Under the hood you'll find Suzuki'ss multi-point sequential fuel injection matched with a tuned, long-track intake manifold and race-proven 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system. The result is crisp response throughout the rpm range and excellent fuel efficiency. Solid state ignition provides smooth starts and an electronic Idle Speed Control System maintains a smooth 700 rpm idle. An overall 2.38:1 gear ratio means the DF140 can turn a larger prop for instant acceleration and awesome top-end speeds.

To ensure this outboard is reliable, the DF140 is the first 4-stroke to utilize an oil cooler. Plus, some of the intake air is diverted to the flywheel which acts as a fan distributing cooling air to key engine components. Put it all together and you've got heavy-duty performance in a lightweight powerplant.

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