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2013 SWAN 82 S

The Swan 80 is the ultimate maxi-cruiser. The Swan 80 is sleek, elegant and fast and available in both a flushdeck and a raised saloon version.

The raised salon offers enhanced protection to the large cockpit, which has the integrated bimini which is new to the SwanLine. While the flushdeck verion, the Swan 80FD, boasts a vast and uncluttered teak deck.

The luxurious interior features a choice of owner’s cabin forward or aft, two large guest cabins and a crew cabin or third guest cabin. The galley is large, well suited designed for professional use, as well as for family cruising. The technology onboard is outstanding, with a wealth of components that will make long range cruising easy, comfortable and safe.


Length overall:81.66 ft 24.89 m
Length of waterline:69.75 ft 21.26 m
Beam:19.22 ft 5.86 m
Draught (light):13.19 ft 4.02 m
Ballast:29300 lbs 13300 kg
Displacement (light):90400 lbs 41000 kg
Fore triangle:1564 sq ft 145.3 m2
Main sail:1754 sq ft 162.9 m2
110% jib:1720 sq ft 159.8 m2
Asymm Spinnaker:5631 sq ft 523.0 m2


The hull is of single skin construction using
glass/aramid hybrid fibre reinforced vinylester
laminate with local carbon fibre
reinforcements. A high proportion of the
fibres are unidirectional, giving a stiff laminate
with excellent strength and fatigue properties.
Structural bulkheads are of Nomex
honeycomb cored carbon fibre epoxy prepreg
construction and laminated to hull
and deck. Stiffener flanges are unidirectional
carbon lay-ups over foam cores. Carbon fibre
chain plates bonded to hull and to reinforced
structural bulkhead. Recessed stainless steel
chain plates for backstay and headstay bonded
to hull structure.
Gelcoats are of weather-resistant NGA type.
Standard topside colour is white, boot top, cove
stripe and coaming stripe blue. Uncoloured
gelcoat below waterline. Bottom treated with
epoxy primer for improved blistering
resistance, and antifouled.
The keel consist of a ballast bulb of lead casting
alloyed with antimony attached to a steel fin.
Keel bolts are of high-tensile stainless steel.
Rudder blade with foam filled carbon
fibre/epoxy skins and tubular carbon fibre
stock, supported by two self-aligning roller
bearings. Dual steering gear with two 47�
(1.20 m) clear coated carbon composite
wheels, 4.5 turns H.O. to H.O. Emergency
tiller stowed in lazarette.
Sea cocks of bronze for all through-hull
connections below waterline, located in
accessible positions. Hydraulically controlled
transom door/bathing platform with teak.
Lazarette is separated with a watertight
bulkhead from the interior. In the lazarette,
there is stowage space for a folded inflatable
and outboard engine, separate locker for the
LPG tanks.


Main deck is of carbon fibre pre-preg
sandwich construction with Nomex
honeycomb core, and bonded to the hull.
High-density core or solid laminate under
deck fittings. Deckhouse and cockpits of
glass fibre reinforced vinylester with low
density foam core. Laid teak 9 mm nominal
thickness on deck and deckhouse top.
Glued and vacuum bagged.
Low toe rail inside composite bulwark from
pushpit to main shrouds.
Recessed hydraulic windlass, Lewmar V6 with
gypsy/capstan. Retractable Sanquineti
3710400, capstan drum mooring winch.
Harken electric winches, tracks, cars and end
stops. Mainsheet B1111.3 STHECAC, three
speed. Two primary sheet winches B1111.3
STHECAC three speed. Two secondary sheet
winches B1111.3 STHECAC three speed.
Primary, secondary and mainsheet winches
are supplied with carbon skirt and top,
aluminium drum. Two halyard winches H
B980.3 STEA three speed.
Two harken H3033 double foot blocks for jib
and stay sail sheets. Two runner blocks Harken
H3022 + dead end Harken pad eyes. Two
MPS / aft guy block Harken 3022. Main
sheet block Harken C7218 low led pivoting
+ dead end pad eye. Ten Harken H3022
roller bearing lead blocks for halyards and
reef lines at the mast partners.
Four Spinlock jammers ZS1618 port side
mast for reef lines and halyards. Three Spinlock
jammers ZS1618 starboard side mast for reef
lines and halyards. Spinlock jammer ZS1214
starboard side mast for the topping
Spinlock jammer ZS1214 for the tack line.
Recessed stainless steel chain plates for backstay
and headstay bonded to hull structure. Pop-up
fairleads in bulwark forward, amidships and aft.
Recessed aluminium mooring cleats, two on
fore deck, two amidships, two aft.
Pulpit, pushpit and lifeline stanchions 740 mm
high of stainless steel with composite bases.
Spacing conforming to ORC requirements.
Pulpit of the open type. Stainless steel lifelines.
Gates in lifelines each side amidships. Stowage
for two eight-man life rafts.
On fore deck hinged hatch to deck stowage,
and anchor windlass. Flush hinged sail hatch
and openable deck hatches of composite
construction. Four Goiot Cristal 43-18R
open able tinted acrylic portholes in coamings.
Goiot 44.31 in port aft amidship guest cabin.
Goiot 36.14 starboard aft amidship guest cabin
toilet. Four flush mounted tinted acrylic
coaming windows to the saloon. Three deck
prisms in the cockpit above the corridor to
the owner�s cabin. Deckhouse windows of
tinted glass. Main companionway lockable
sliding hatch of tinted acrylic. On aft deck,
hinged GRP hatches to lazarette.
Hydraulically controlled transom door/bathing
platform. Lazarette separated with a watertight
bulkhead from the interior. Stowage for a
folded inflatable. Cockpit, 2 U-shapes sofas
with backrests, folding cockpit tabl


The selected light teak is varnished and
hand rubbed to give a satin finish for all
visible woodwork.
Vinyl covered removable overhead panels
are installed in all accommodation areas.
The floorboards are of a PVC-sandwich
construction and the top face is teak with
grooves. The floorboards are varnished and
have the same satin finish as the rest of the
interior. All floorboards will be laid on
vibration damping materials. Two suction
lifters will be provided.
Topsides where visible are lined with teak
Structural bulkheads are covered with separate
skin panels. Partitions are a sandwich
construction on a core of 30 mm foam. The
skin of the panels is made of marine plywood
and 0.6 mm wooden veneers. Partitions
between cabins are built to meet a 20 dB (A)
reduction of airborne sound.
Hardware and outfit components are of a type
designed to eliminate rattling or hanging.
The cabin doors are provided with double
action locks and with catches to hold them
in open position where possible. The doors
close onto rubber faced landings for
maximum noise reduction.
All locker doors are fitted with high quality
furnishing hinges and are kept closed with
push button latches. A doorstopper is fitted
where needed. The hanging locker internal
light will automatically switch on when the
door is opened.
All bathroom mirrors are a special marine
glass. The edges are sealed.
All openable deck hatches will be fitted with
manual roller blinds and mosquito screens.
The deckhouse windows will be fitted with
electrically operated pleated blinds.
Hand rails will be fitted on each side of the
main companionway and in all toilets.
The mattresses are of sprung type
manufactured for marine use. Mattress bases
are of Deltaflex-type batten nets to provide
ventilation to the underside. The mattresses for
the pullman and crew berths are of foam type.
The berths are fitted with a canvas lee cloth.
Reading light with a separate light switch will
be installed at the head end of each berth.
General cabin lighting will have spotlight
down lighting.
The galley lockers are in teak. Work top
and sliding doors in are in Corian. The
fiddles are teak with the inner edge in
Corian. Stainless steel sinks.
Aft cabin toilet; furniture and floor in teak.
Wash basin, backsplash and counter top in
Corian, with a teak fiddle. Mirror on cupboard
door. Shower stall walls and floor in GRP with
a teak grate integrated in the floor. Shower stall
door in tempered 6 mm clear glass.
Fwd and amidships cabins� toilets; bulkheads
are covered with GRP panels. Lower locker is
in GRP. The wash basin, back splash and
counter top in Corian, with a teak fiddle.
Mirror on the cupboard doors. Floors in
GRP with a teak grate integrated in the floor.


Volvo D4-180 output 132 kW / 180 Hp at
2800 rpm, with direct mounted reduction
gear. Marine gearbox HS45AE 8° down
angle, reduction gear 2.43:1. Four bladed
folding propeller Brunton Varifold. MaxPower
300/15 bow thruster Engine space internally
sound insulated, fire resistance meeting
SOLAS B-15 requirements. Propeller area
sound insulated.
Propeller shaft made of high-tensile corrosion
resistant steel with flexible shaft coupling.
Drip-free shaft seal.Shaft supported by rubber
bearing at bracket and stern tube.
Thermostatically controlled fresh water
cooling system, with a heat exchanger on the
engine and generator.
A dual Separ SWK 2000/5UK fuel
filter/water separator with water alarm on
feed line to engine and a single SWK
2000/5K for diesel generator.Tanks are vented
to deck edge. Filler lines each side. Two-stage
Halyard super silencing system with fibreglass
silencer and gas/water separators for the main
engine and diesel generator. Cooling water is
discharged below the waterline, exhaust gases
are discharged near the transom. Hydraulic
system is a custom designed system to supply
all hydraulic functions quietly and smoothly.


A pressurised hot and cold water system is
installed. Sea water hoses of reinforced
PVC tubing. Fresh water pipes are of
polypropylene, nylon and copper tubing.
18 liter pressure tank is connected to the
system. All tanks are stainless steel.
A stainless steel water heater 80 liter. Hot
water can be heated either with engine
cooling water or with a heating elements
working on AC. AC-driven water maker.
Sea water spout in galley connected to deck
wash pump. Electrical deck wash/fire pump
50 ltr/min (13 US gal) fore and aft deck.
Toilet flushing by fresh pressure water. The
function cycle is completely automatic.
Galley sinks drained through sea cock. Wash
basins and showers drain to sump tanks,
capacity 70 ltr (18 US gallons) each. Sump
tanks are emptied by electrical or manual
Whale pump. Five bilges each with DC
driven sub-mersible pump 140 l/ min and
3 Whale Titan 100 l/min back-up pumps.
Forced ventilation with fresh air in to cabins
and exhaust air out through toilets and
showers. Galley extractor hood, microwave
oven, refrigerator 195+260 liter, top loading
freezer 170 liter, air compression general, four
burner gas stove with oven. Central cooled /
heated waterborne system 230 VAC 50 Hz is
fitted for the entire accommodation. Main
air conditioning unit has reverse cycle
heating capacity 60000 BTU/ h (17.5kW).
Four burner gimballed gas stove with oven.
Microwave oven. Two 230V AC - driven 0.5
hp refrigeration units with hold over plates
in refrigerator and freezer. Forced ventilation


24 V DC system with insulated return.
Wires are dimensioned to minimise voltage
drop. 230 V AC is a three-wire system.
A lightning protector on the masthead is
connected with heavy cable to a keel bolt.
One battery set 1440 Ah / 20h 24 V
traction type for general service.
16 kVA 50 Hz Panda 18 NE diesel generator
The engine and diesel generator have their
own 24 V 50 Ah banks Optima Red Top
starting batteries. Maintenance free type
batteries located under floorboards in port aft
guest cabin. All battery sets are located in
ventilated GRP boxes. Voltage stabilizer for
sensitive electronics and lights.
The AC system can be fed either by the diesel
generator, shore power inlet 230V AC 50 A,
or 115V AC 50A, or inverter.
Each inlet is provided with polarity alarm,
main switch and land connecting cable.
Outlets provided with earth fault protection.
The service batteries are charged by a 140 A
alternator on the main engine or by two battery
chargers 75 Ah each with automatic regulation.
The main engine starting batteries are charged
by a 55 A alternator on the main engine, the
diesel generator starting battery is charged by a
35 A alternator on the generator engine.
Comprehensive range of navigational, rig and
deck lights.
Two SUUNTO 5� magnetic compasses on
steering pedestals. One Quartz clock at
chart table.
A Brookes & Gatehouse Halcyon Gyro
stabilised compass. Comprehensive Brookes
& Gatehouse H3000 Hydra package. The
main unit is a B&G Hydra H3000 Main
processor and a B&G Halcyon gyro processor.
B&G mono-chrome Graphical Function
Display and repeaters. Standard B&G depth
and speed sensors with housing in plastic.
B&G barometric pressure sensor. There is a
wind sensor at mast head, type vertical
masthead unit.
Furuno NavNet 3D �black-box� radar/chart
plotting system with processor unit
connected to a Furuno 17�� LCD screen at
the navigation station, one Furuno NavNet
3D MFD 12,1� display on each steering
console. Furuno GP-330 DGPS. Radar is a
Furuno 4 kW 60 cm radome type antenna
integrated with the Furuno NavNet 3D
plotter system.
Simrad RS-87H DSC VHF with two
handsets. Bose Lifestyle 48 DVD/CD/FM
stereo system connected to the LED TV. Four
Sony XS-MP1610 speakers are installed in the
cockpit. The system is controlled by a Bose
Personal Music Center II radio remote control
in addition to the volume control knob in
cockpit. Samsung 32� LED TV connected to
the Delta antenna for terrestrial TV.
There is a B&G H3000 autopilot system
with one GPD control unit in the aft cockpit
with dedicated 24 V power pack powering
the hydraulic cylinder. The autopilot is
driving the steering quadrant via a Rexroth
Furuno NavNet GP-330 DGPS. Furuno
NavNet radar scanner (600 mm dome type).
Masthead R&R Electronic Delta DSC
Biscaya active antenna for the VHF, TV and
FM radio.
Foghorn on mast.


Spars are built of carbon fibre and painted
white. Four spreader masthead rig with
discontinuous shrouds and 18° swept back
carbon spreaders built by reputable mast
Mast of oval section, with external track
for full-batten mainsail and trysail track.
Tapered masthead with four halyard
sheaves. Staysail halyard sheave. Internal
wiring, shielded in PVC tubes secured to
mast. Standing rigging of solid Navtec rod.
Rigging screws with toggle at lower end.
Headstay has toggles at upper and lower
end. Flying inner forestay of aramid
Park Avenue boom with hydraulic outhaul
and two reefs, and arranged for slab reefing
with two reefing lines, and lazy jacks, four
each side. Hydraulic boom vang with
high-pressure return. Four-function singlegauge
System 50 central control panel
with two-speed pump in aft cockpit for
backstay, outhaul, jib halyard, and inner
forestay. Hydraulic mast jack with spacers
and removable manual pump. Recessed
hydraulic headsail furler.
Single part main sheet with powered
hydraulic adjustment and manual back-up.
Controls in aft cockpit. Running rigging
of Dyneema with Tylaska snap shackles.
Owner�s Manual in English, containing
directions for use, maintenance launching
and winterising as well as drawings and
diagrams for main systems.
One CQR 105 lbs (48 kg) anchor on
carbon fibre folding arm, one Danforth 60
H (27 kg) anchor stowed below deck.
Anchor chain. Anchor line.
Mooring lines. Air fenders
Boat hook
Three 6 kg aluminium gas bottles
including securing arrangements and
pressure regulator are supplied if boat
is launched in Finland.
Sprayhoods for main and aft companionway.
Total flooding extinguishing system for
engine and generator space with remote
control at main companionway.
Three portable extinguishers in interior.
Fire blanket in galley
Engine and generator tool kits
One half model of hull
Sounding rods for fuel and water tanks.
Two suction lifters for floorboards.
Safety belts for navigator and cook.


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