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2012 LodeStar RIB Open 430

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB’s) give a comfortable ride unlike any other boat. The tubes absorb the impact of waves while the buoyancy of the multi-chamber air tube gives you the safety of an inflatable. The light weight of a RIB means better fuel economy and quicker planing. The air tubes give a RIB the maximum payload and combined with a deep V-shaped rigid hull give unparalleled performance. The air tube acts like an all-around fender protecting your yacht. Even the 430 can be carried on the roof of most cars making it easy to use as family sports boat.


Model:Rib 430 Open
CE Design Category:C
Part Numbers:AA430023N
Bagged Dimensions (cm):310x105x53
Max Load (kg):980
Max HP:30
Max engine weight (kg):85
Max Persons:8
Number of Air Chambers:4
Lenght (cm):430
Width (cm):180
Height (cm):47
Weight (kg):85


1. RIB Bag and Boat Cover
OPEN RIB’s are supplied with a storage bag which unzips into a boat cover in less than a minute.
2. Plywood under RIB deck (to fit consoles and seats)
The 430 RIB has Marine Plywood laminated under the deck for easy installation of the console and seats.
3. Over pressure valve
LodeStar inflatables are equipped with special security overpressure valves. Excessive tube pressure from sudden impacts or high temperature is released under control for maximum safety.
4. Easy Enter™
After swimming or skiing, Easy Enter makes your life easy.No problem to enter the boat with a tired body or a heavy wet suit.
5. Double layer under tube
The bottom of the tube is reinforced with a double layer of fabric. This
provides an additional measure of protection for your LodeStar.
6. Reflecting tapes Red and green reflecting tapes on port and starboard sides notify other captains of your position when it is dark.
7. 5 Year warranty

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