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2011 Hallberg-Rassy 64

The new Hallberg-Rassy 64 is literally Great News. It is the greatest boat ever built by Hallberg-Rassy. It is unmistakably a true Hallberg-Rassy and at the same time she offers a lot of new features.


Designer:Germán Frers
CE category:A - Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length:19.85 m / 65' 1''
Waterline at rest:17.53 m / 57' 6"
Beam:5.20 m / 17' 1"
Draft, empty load:2.5 m / 8' 2"
Displacement:36 ton / 79,500 lbs
Keel weight:12.7 ton / 28,000 lbs
Sail area with genoajib:215 m² / 2,312 sq ft
Mast over water, ex Windex:27.4 m / 89' 11"
Engines:Volvo Penta D6-280
Power:206 kW / 280 HP
Number of cylinders:6
Diesel tank:1,800 litres / 476 US gallon
Water Tank:1,300 litres / 344 US gallon
Holding tank:3 x 75 litres / 3 x 20 US gallon

Greatest ever:

The deck is clean and uncluttered. All skylights and hatches are flush mounted. There is a sun deck integrated into the aft cabin roof. The anchor winch is concealed under the deck level. There are options for hydraulic under-deck cutterstay furler and under-deck genoa furler. There are in total eight mooring cleats on the top of the teak toe rail, of which the spring cleats are double on each side. An optional gangway can be folded away into the lazarette.

3.10 m cockpit length

The cockpit is unusually large; 3.10 m long, that's 55 cm longer than on the Hallberg-Rassy 62. There is a large, fixed, teak cockpit table. All essential sailing control functions are handled from the cockpit by a single sailor using the push of buttons already as standard equipment. Optionally there is a hydraulic cutter stay and even a hydraulic Code Zero or furling Gennaker available, furling at the push of buttons from the cockpit. The washboards are elegantly and easily lowered into a hidden storage. The cockpit is very well protected by the Hallberg-Rassy typical soft top wind screen or hard top.

Lots of natural light

Below deck living areas have lots of natural light. All in all there are no less than thirty-one (31) portlights and skylights in the boat. There are six hull windows. Hull windows were introduced by Hallberg-Rassy thirty-four years ago back in 1976. You will look out through the four hull windows when sitting down and a person of normal length will look out through the large saloon portlights when standing up. The interior offers twelve choices in 5 sections, creating no less than 72 different interior layouts available for all tastes and needs.

Powerful engine

The engine is unusually well sized, even for a Hallberg-Rassy. It is a 6 cylinder Volvo Penta D6-280 with 280 HP and has 669 Newton meter torque at 2 500 RPM. Tanks are generous too for long range with 1 800 liters of diesel fuel and 1 300 liters of fresh water.

Large engine room

The engine room is large, has room for lots of technical equipment, is well sound insulated and allows for easy maintenance.

Good turn of boat speed

The waterline is 2.23 m longer than on the Hallberg-Rassy 62. Frers speed prediction diagram for the Hallberg-Rassy 64 says the boat will achieve 9.2 knots boat speed at 10 knots of true wind and 75 degrees wind angle, and 11.5 knots of boat speed with just mainsail and traditional foresail in 25 knots of true wind at 110 degrees wind angle. This yacht is a real mile eater.
Generous standard equipment

The standard equipment is generous with hydraulic push button sail handling, 20 hp bowthruster, 8 kW generator, 120 A charger, 4000 W inverter, flush mounted skylights, basic instruments, teak deck and membrane sails.


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