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2011 Hallberg-Rassy 342

This model has proved to be a sales success from the start.

15 years earlier the almost revolutionary Hallberg-Rassy 34 was launched. Never before had it been possible to combine so much sailing joy in such a comfortable and elegant yacht. This meant the model became one of the yard’s best sellers with over 500 sold. The Hallberg-Rassy 342 is a complete new design that gives a little more of everything and at the same time offers all the good values that made the HR 34 so successful. Key words such as sailing performance, timeless elegance, comfort, fine joinery work and ease of handling are valid for both models. But the Hallberg-Rassy 342 uses its hull dimensions to greater effect.


Designer:Germán Frers
CE category:A - Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length:10.32 m / 33' 10"
Waterline at rest:9.09 m / 29' 10''
Beam:3.42 m / 11' 3"
Draft, empty load:1.82 m / 6' 0"
Displacement:5 300 kg / 11 684 lbs
Lead keel:1 950 kg / 4 300 lbs
Sail area with genoajib:60 m² / 646 sq ft
Mast over water, ex Windex:15.92 m / 52' 3''
Transport height with windscreen, and pulpit:3.92 m / 12' 10"
Engines:Volvo Penta D1-30
kW / HP at crank shaft:21 / 29

Bright and roomy interior:

The rig is easier to handle with larger mainsail and a smaller, slightly overlapping genoajib. A selftacker is now possible. Frers latest design experience means improved performance. The rudder has spherical self-aligning bearings, giving minimum friction.

The cockpit has more comfortable seating with optimised shape of the backrests and the coamings are up to 5 cm (2 inches) higher, giving improved protection. The cockpit lockers are larger.

Weight distribution is also improved by moving for example the water tank and the batteries further to the centre of the boat. Also the keel bulb is thicker for a lower centre of gravity. All this contributes to improved sailing and seagoing performance.

The interior is brighter due to the larger side windows and the number of opening portlights which have been increased from 5 to 10. The forward cabin deck hatch is larger giving not only more light and ventilation, but it also makes it easier to get sails such as a furling gennaker or a Code Zero in and out. The heads compartment, which now has a Corian sink and countertop, is 6 cm (2 ½ inches) longer and benefits from a dedicated wet locker.

The batteries are of so called flat plate type, which allows deeper cycles than traditional batteries. Their capacity has been improved from 124 to 225 Ah. The engine alternator has been increased from 60 to 115 A.

The Hallberg-Rassy 342 is a modern and well performing long distance cruiser who gives her owner great pride of ownership.

Within short time firm orders were taken from future owners in Finland, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria, the Färö islands, the UK and the USA. Such is the confidence of our clients in the new 342 and their faith in Hallberg-Rassy to fulfil their responsibilities.

This says Europe’s largest sailing magazine, Yacht from Germany in issue 16 2005 after testing the Hallberg-Rassy 342:

"Frers has given this bestseller more comfort and more elegant lines. The sailing performance is excellent, even in light airs, but her speed increases effortlessly in response to every increase in wind strength. She reacts instantly to steering commands, but not nervously. From the moment you set sail she edicts a feeling of confidence, a feeling that is retained even in a freshening wind. The hull and deck are completely laminated and cast together with a polyester mixture, the resulting rigidity to the hull gives the boat a more comfortable ride in heavy seas.

The high standard of the build quality is valid throughout the whole build process and is evident even to a non-expert. It is not only the precisely fitted interior joinery, the dimensions and solid feel of the khaya mahogany with its varnished finish which is smooth to the touch. Even in those areas hidden from view Hallberg-Rassy is leading its competitors. For example the heating hoses are double, in order to minimize loss of heat. The pressure water pump is not just fitted anywhere as an afterthought but in rubber in the already insulated engine room so that noise levels are reduced. All these things are evidence of how determined Hallberg-Rassy are to continually move the limits in an effort to provide their clients with the ideal cruising yacht.

It is easy to fall in love with the 342 just because she has so many better details than other yachts in this segment of the industry. But it is not just the attention to detail, it is the great overall concept where she scores points. At 10.32 x 3.42 m (33’10’’ x 11’3’’) she has the best layout on the market, ideal for a crew of four. This new model has what it takes to become a class leader. Part of the explanation is that there is hardly any direct competition for this yacht. But even if the competition were keener, the market tougher, the Hallberg-Rassy 342 would still hold her exceptional position safely. We have rarely sailed a yacht that is so carefully evaluated."

ID: 3270

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